Making choices… Luxury travel unwrapped

In the coming months ahead, there are two big concepts that jump out… freedom and choice. Freedom to see friends and loved ones, to travel beyond our immediate surroundings and explore - bliss!

Spring is finally here and the days are getting longer. Boris’s ‘road-map’ promises to gradually lift many of the restrictions that have been in place for some time. There is finally light at the end of the tunnel!

What will you choose? Where will you go…

Ok, well you might not want to jet off to your favourite European hotspot just yet…

But as travel restrictions are gradually lifted and the various hospitality industries reopen, we can finally embrace our newly found freedom as life returns to normal (we hope).

And whether it’s celebrating with loved ones or choosing to make a birthday or anniversary extra special - let us invite you to travel with QANTYR.

Travel in the utmost luxury and style in our luxurious Range Rover Vogue Autobiography and make it count.

Why choose QANTYR?

Because we provide the very best possible vehicle and service, every time.

Did you know that the luxury SUV market is predicted to more than double by 2027?

Why?... Because people want the high tech, elegance and speed that a luxury vehicle offers, but with high-performance, off-road capabilities that meet every challenge.

We chose our Range Rover Vogue Autobiography because it will meet your needs every time.

Our fresh approach to a traditional service will make your journey as effortless as possible and make you remember it for all the right reasons.

And a chauffer is not just a driver... A driver is someone who simply operates a vehicle. However, a chauffeur provides an impeccable, professional service that will exceed your expectations in customer service, flexibility and discretion.

Meaning you get to sit back, relax and enjoy the journey.

Instant online price calculation has never been so easy!

Use our online booking system to get an instant price calculation for:

• Executive service for A to B journeys

• Half or full day chauffer service using the hourly service calculator

• Luxury travel for special events/day trips

• Airport transfers with flight tracking

• Weddings – a dedicated, tailored service for your big day

• Create an account for repeat journeys and instant booking access.

You can explore our full range of services via our website.

And remember - our team can fine tune any special requirements and details for your journey including the provision of on-board refreshments and even champagne for those special occasions...

And let’s face it, after staying at home for so long we all deserve a first-class experience!

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