Safe luxury travel

​Here at QANTYR we will maintain our usual high standards of washing and cleaning the vehicle inside and out before every journey, while adding a few additional steps to ensure safety standards are met.  It is important to us that our clients have a relaxed travel experience and we hope that the following procedures will give that peace of mind:


  • All touch points of the vehicle are sanitised before and after each journey.

  • The 2 meter social distancing rule will be maintained where possible.

  • The chauffeur will wear a protective mask.

  • The chauffeur will refrain from shaking hands with passengers.

  • The chauffeur will open and close all passenger doors.

  • It's recommended that passengers use their own face mask, one can be supplied if required.

  • Hand sanitiser is supplied both for the chauffeur and the passengers.

  • Air conditioning will be set to extract only, continually replacing the air with filtered and conditioned air.

QANTYR will continue to revise and refine safety procedures during this pandemic.  Your safety and that of your families and colleagues have and always will remain our highest priority.